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Nano Stern

Hi, I would like to speak to you today about Fernando Stern best known by his artistic name Nano Stern.

He was born in Santiago de Chile, march 30 of 1985, and he is a Chilean singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer of the “third generation of Chilean singer-songwriters who appear after the 1990’s. Nano was introduced to music at young age, starting to play the violin at the age of 3. As a teenager, he played with folk and rock bands.

Stern began studying musical composition at university, but at age 19 he abandoned his studies to go to Europe, settling in Cologne, Germany. After a year in Germany, Stern moved to the Netherlands to study at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and began collaborating in various musical projects. His first solo album, Nano Stern, was released in 2006. After seven years of travelling, Nano Stern settled in Santiago in 2012. In 2013 he edited an album titled La Cosecha (the harvest), a collection of latin american songs which included three songs written by Stern.

Nano Stern’s musical influences include jazz, rock, folk, fusion and the New Chilean Song styles. His work was also influenced by artists such as Inti-Illimani and Los Jaivas, as well as proponents of the Chilean New Song, Víctor Jara and Violeta Parra.

Stern has also said of his creative process: “In some ways it’s a kind of therapy, in other ways it’s a meditation, it’s an exercise as well and in other ways it’s something I do because I don’t have a better way of communicating with the world. It’s the way I express things, and that’s why I do it…. I do it because there’s no other way.”

Nano is a musician of great prestige, who have even come to compare and call him the latin american Cat Stevens.
Is one of my favorite Composers and that's why I wanted to talk a little about him and his carrer.

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