miércoles, 14 de junio de 2017

Quiin Violin

Hello, today I would like to present you one of the pages that I visit more and that I find very useful. The name of this page is Quinnviolins.com, and it is a website that sells all kinds of accessories for classical musical instruments like double bass, volin, or cello.
This page lately has served me a lot, since it is where I buy all the accessories I need, such as: Pecastillas (it is a resin that is applied in the bow), cloths to clean my instrument, tuners and metronomes. I can also find and buy methods and books of musical repertoire for double bass.

This page lately has helped me a lot since I found a method of double bass that has helped me a lot in my studies. The most recent purchase I made was a case for my bow. This case besides being a case of very good quality, was double, which means that I could keep my two bows in it.

The page is very easy to use since everything is very detailed in it. On the left side is the list of instruments and their corresponding accessories.

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