miércoles, 31 de mayo de 2017

Have you ever played at a concert?

Three weeks ago it was my first concert as a double bass player, and this photograph was taken by my girlfriend, in the street compañia in front of the university, when we were going to take the bus that would take us to the place of the concert. Concert that took place in the city of paine.

For 5 years I have played double bass, but only 3 weeks ago it was my first concert. Time that is not less, since most of the musicians in my university already have years of experience as orchestra musicians.
I can say that it was a perfect concert and it was a very pleasant experience. The sharing with all my colleagues and being able to play on a stage, which, although it might seem so big from the outside, but it is when you see it as a musician, playing in it. 
Of this photograph is not much that I can say, since it is not much it appears in her (except the fact that all my friends appear).

 It's what reminds me of that day. My first concert.

miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017

Future plans

Hi, in this oportunity I’m going to talk about my future post graduates studies.

I’m student of fifth year of Musical Interpretation with specialization in Double Bass and I will finish my studies in the year 2021, after that  I do not really know what I will do, but I had thought of going to live and studying in Germany and continue my studies in Double Bass. 
I had planned to stay for about 4 years studying a carrer there, in germany as an orquestra musician or doing classes to live.
For now I have not seen any university but I have seen on the internet some conservatories of music to wich I want to postúlate.
Besides going to study in Germany I would like to take the opportunity to buy a profesional double bass since here in Chile the quality of these is very bad.
After that I would like to return to Chile and postulate an orchestra of prestige and quiality as the Symphony or Philharmonic Orhestra of Chile.

miércoles, 3 de mayo de 2017

My favorite piece of technology.

My favorite piece of technology is my gaming laptop. I got it last month during a sale of Pc Factory, which is an internet store dedicated to technology pieces. Since I bought it I have not stopped playing one of my favorites games, Call of Duty. At least 4 times a week.

Besides serving me as a gaming machine, my gaming notebook serves me to do the reports for my university subjects, and to edit and create the scores I have to play.

I really love it because is very light. It is made of a resistant material ( metal I think) and has a HUGE 18” screen, so I can play my favorite games, watch movies in high definition , even watch tv, because  it includes a Tv antenna.

And well, life without my precious gaming notebook would be pretty boring i think. 

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