miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017

Future plans

Hi, in this oportunity I’m going to talk about my future post graduates studies.

I’m student of fifth year of Musical Interpretation with specialization in Double Bass and I will finish my studies in the year 2021, after that  I do not really know what I will do, but I had thought of going to live and studying in Germany and continue my studies in Double Bass. 
I had planned to stay for about 4 years studying a carrer there, in germany as an orquestra musician or doing classes to live.
For now I have not seen any university but I have seen on the internet some conservatories of music to wich I want to postúlate.
Besides going to study in Germany I would like to take the opportunity to buy a profesional double bass since here in Chile the quality of these is very bad.
After that I would like to return to Chile and postulate an orchestra of prestige and quiality as the Symphony or Philharmonic Orhestra of Chile.

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