miércoles, 12 de abril de 2017

Expectations For This Year

Well, i 'm really exited about this term because I
was promoted to the second stage of my career
called superior stage. Also I'm starting to study in
the university orchestra. This would be my first time
in a student orchestra so it will be a great challenge.

Also I have a a three new subjetcs. Armony, History
of Music and Chamber Music.
About Armony and Music History I don’t have much
to say because it’s easy to me, but Chamber Music
it’s going to be a hard subject. It would also be my
first time playing with musicians. Before this, I had
only played with an accompanying pianist for my
year-end exams

Besides I'm going to have to go to the university swimming
pool to do the elective course of swimming.

So this it's going to be my term, I hope it ends in the best way.

See you !

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  1. Hello! I also like to swim. My favorite swimming spot are the lakes. Every year I swim in the Caburgua lake in the south of Chile, I love it. See you...


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